Inventory Planner – Supply Chain Product Journey

The supply chain product suite of Anicca provides algorithms for demand forecasting, recommended buy, lead & cycle time, margin, and revenue optimization. A simulation module to trace the saw-tooth for replenishment and sell-through for allocation inventory paints complete product journey. The plug-ins to order management system and fulfillment facility carves the path for end-to-end process map.

Sales and Market Influencer data driven inventory planning with feedback mechanism

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demand at various product hierarchy levels. Customized data pipeline to read the product hierarchy and produce forecast. An event & market intelligence based forecasting approach to address volatality in demand.

  • bulets Hierarchical forecast for planning
  • bulets Uncertainity bounds to address market volatality
  • bulets Accuracy measurements for performance

Replenishment System

Merchandise planning & reorder quantity products using economic order quantity and weeks of cover modules. Using Anicca's Replenishment algorithm, buyers & planners have ability to make decisions based on product turns and payment terms.

  • bulets Demand Forecasting of products & items(with size)
  • bulets Lead time prediction & variance
  • bulets Order cycle analysis

Recommend Buy & Sell through analysis

Recommended buy quantities are calculated based on on-hand, on-order inventory, and lead time level forecast. An optimal recommendation of quantity by time is developed to facilitate purchase-order planning.

  • bulets Recommended buy quantities at SKU level
  • bulets Final quantities for placing PO
  • bulets Sell through analytics dashboard
  • bulets API integration to transactional systems

Alert and Simulation Engine

Simulation models to capture demand influencing factors and adjust forecast along with recommended buy. Alerting mechanism to notify product inventory levels

  • bulets Demand variance-based sell through projection
  • bulets Identify and augment out of stock scenarios
  • bulets Proactive aged inventory mapping
  • bulets Gauging Lost opportunity

Artificial General Intelligence Journey

Anicca Data addresses your data driven decision making needs using Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Optimization Techniques.
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