Claims Inventory Management

Redefining how to manage claims using AI. A complete claims lifecycle managment module.

Claims lifecycle visibility using AI and advanced analytics

Claims Inventory Health Monitoring

Real time inventory monitoring of claims. Surfacing out the key metrics in each stage of claims journey. Anicca helps to organise and showcase the data in near real time.

  • bulets Slicing the claims data in time and stages
  • bulets Presenting KPI's for open, inprogress and closed claims

Historical Performance

Anicca's claims intelligence module has ability to showcase historical performance of claims at various business verticals. With the help of unique engineering and science approach, you can discover insigths for growth performance

  • bulets Indepth view of claims processes and their KPI
  • bulets One click access to transformation insights in claims inventory
  • bulets Data driven insights for claims processes

Claims Inventory Simulation

The Simulation engine provides actionable prospective of inventory at different stages of claims process. Businesses can take actions with new information

  • bulets Simulation of claims inventory based on parameters
  • bulets Cycle time predictions
  • bulets Deep dive insights into the aged up claims

Be notified with the claims journey

Creating Alerts and channeling notifications based on the KPI's. Backed up by domain specific language to define complex alerts.

  • bulets Creating and saving customzied alerts on KPI's
  • bulets Writing complex scenarios and conditional outcomes

Artificial General Intelligence Journey

Anicca Data addresses your data driven decision making needs using Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Optimization Techniques.
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