"Transform business processes using platform, application, and algorithmic approach"

What are we here for?

Anicca Data Science Solutions is the one stop shop from objective to accomplishment in the data driven world. Our focus is to provide big data services and building algorithmic products to help business houses in process efficiency. The skill of Anicca is in putting together data platforms and applications with AI/ML solutions for addressing numerous modern day business challenges. The data space spans across multiple domains with numerous use cases. Anicca is on a mission to explore those strings of data and find insights that drives performances of the business practices. Anicca team strongly believe in transforming the way businesses operate with data driven decision making.

Our Team

Anicca is a group of talented, dedicated folks who crave to find patterns, analyze the sentiments, deep dive for insightful influencers with solo motto of building transformational systems. Our team consists of data scientists, data engineers, software developers, data architects, and user-experience experts from diverse backgrounds like Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics. This humble team brings forth the prerequisite system knowledge and hands on experience that are required to solve real world business problems. The two B’s always at the core of us are:

  • bulets Believe in doing the right thing and
  • bulets Deliver the qualitative Best

Artificial General Intelligence Journey

Anicca Data addresses your data driven decision making needs using Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Optimization Techniques.
Our science and engineering experts are eager to speak to you.