Data Scientist (Computer Vision)

Redmond / Chicago, USA

Job Description

Anicca Data is looking for Data Scientist (Computer Vision) who is motivated to apply his/her skillset to solve complex and challenging problems. The role's focus on applying deep learning models to real world applications. The candidate should have experience in training, testing deep learning architectures. This candidate is expected to work on the existing codebases or write an optimized codebase at Anicca Data. Our ideal addition to our team is self-motivated, highly organized, and a team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment with the ability to learn quickly and work independently.

Required Skills:

  • At least 3+ years of experience in a computer vision role and a Bachelors/Master’s degree in computer science, Engineering, statistics, mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline. Ph.D. will add merit to the application process
  • Deep theoretical and practical knowledge of deep learning, machine learning, statistics, probability, and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Training Computer Vision/Machine Learning (CV/ML) algorithms in areas of object detection/ object tracking/ human pose detection.
  • Experience in developing and deploying machine learning solutions in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) for production systems
  • Real Time Body Detection, Tracking and Action Classification for web and mobile
  • Object / Image detection, processing and manipulation
  • Research and enhance existing inhouse / Open Source models and integrate innovative techniques or create new algorithms to solve complex business problems
  • Simulating various real-life conditions with the help of augmented images
  • Experience in translating stated business needs into problem statements, prototypes, and minimum viable products
  • Experience managing complex projects including scoping, requirements gathering, resource estimations, sprint planning, and management of internal and external communication and resources
  • Write C++ and Python code along with Tensorflow, PyTorch to build and enhance the platform that is used for training CV models

Preferred Experience:

  • Worked on computer vision - with either static images or video.
  • Experience with training custom deep learning models, pre-trained CV models like YOLO, or frameworks like OpenCV
  • Strong background in computer vision and graphics or image processing
  • Experience in Advanced Analytics techniques such as regression, classification, clustering
  • Timely communication to build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders and have the ability to explain complex topics in simple terms

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